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The LEGO Bar Will be LA’s Top Drunk Construction Site

Drunk LEGO building needs be be a thing everywhere.

For those seeking new and creative ways to drink and also tap into their inner child, a pop-up bar made of LEGO blocks is making it’s way to Los Angeles in 2018. According to Eater LAthe bar, called “One Million Bricks,” will feature elaborate LEGO sculptures as well as bricks for patrons to play with while enjoying their drinks.

The main appeal of the bar is the opportunity to get drunk and play with LEGOs, which clearly makes the toy manufacturer uneasy. The pop-up was forced to change its name from “Legobar” to “One Million Bricks” after LEGO threatened to sue for copyright infringement. While One Million Bricks didn’t ask LEGO for permission to use their name, the folks behind the projects are being forward with the disclaimers, making it clear that they are not affiliated with brick HQ.

There’s a clear reason why: In a statement expressing disapproval for the bars namesake, LEGO said, “As a manufacturer of children’s toys, it is not within our remit to partner with brands or individuals operating the food and beverages sector. ” LEGO also pointed out that the bar doesn’t accurately reflect the purpose of their brand, saying “Our primary focus is on inspiring and developing children through providing fun and engaging play materials.”

That is true, but it is also true that playing with LEGOs while drinking is extremely fun. Playing with LEGOs is, in fact, pretty fun no matter what else you’re doing at the time.

One Million Bricks plans to pen in Montreal and New York City later this year.