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Good News: Legalized Marijuana Won’t Make It Easier For Your Kids To Get High

That 70's Show

If you live in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon or the District of Columbia, you may or may not responsibly partake in recreational pot use, or if you live in one of the 18 states projected to legalize marijuana by 2020, you might be thinking about it. Regardless, the thought of your youngster getting their little hands on some weed is decidedly less chill. Fortunately, new research out of Washington suggests that might just be the paranoia talking and kids these days can’t get high any easier than they could before it was legal.

The study compared data from the 2010 and 2014 Washington State Healthy Youth Survey that asked adolescents to report how easy it was to access marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes and other illicit drugs. Results showed that, in 2010, 55 percent of young people said it was easy to get; in 2014 (a year after pot was legalized) there was virtually no change. Even better news, they reported decreased availability of illicit substances all around including alcohol, which 43 percent of adolescents reported being hard to get in 2010, versus 47 percent in 2014. In other words, more beer and weed for you (after putting Junior to bed of course).

Legal Weed Won’t Get Your Teen Any Higher Than Illegal Weed

The experts think that main reason legalization has led to less underage access is because businesses can’t stay reputable or profitable if they’re messing with people’s kids. As a result, dispensaries have to keep everything above board and vigilantly check IDs. But, you’re a parent and you know better — it’s just because once your kids realized you and your friends are doing it, weed became less cool than Facebook.

[H/T]  Science Daily