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LeBron Lost His Mind Watching Bronny Throw Down a Vicious Dunk

It's so wholesome.


LeBron James might be a basketball legend with nearly superhuman talent, but at the end of the day, he’s still just a normal dad. A recent clip shows the 34-year-old star rightfully celebrating his son Bronny’s righteous dunk, and you can feel the proud-dad energy right through the screen.

In the clip, James’ 14-year-old son Bronny James Jr. executes a perfect dunk. The camera quickly pans over to his father, who is smiling and cheering like crazy over his son’s moves. It’s a super sweet and happy moment, but not entirely surprising given James’ constant support of his son’s talents. James was recently seen cheering Bronny on at Nike’s Peach Jam tournament, where the teen nailed his dad’s signature windmill dunk.
Bronny is only a freshman in high school, but he’s already proved he’s following in his dad’s legendary footsteps. Several practice slips of Bronny and Dwayne Wade’s 17-year-old son Zaire have surfaced, and it’s clear that both boys have bright futures ahead. They’ll be attending Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles this coming fall where they’ll surely make history.

James has said that one of his goals is to play with his son at some point in his career, but given that Bronny is so young, he’ll have to wait a few more years. If Bronny comes out as a top recruit after high school (which we think is pretty much guaranteed), he’ll be eligible to be rafted for the 2023-24 season. By that time, James won’t even be 40, so honestly in the cards. What a time to be alive.