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LeBron James Praises His Son’s Ankle-Breaking Skills on Instagram

"Bronny chill out! We practice sportsmanship in this house."

Getty Images

LeBron James Jr. AKA Bronny is only 13 years old but he is already proving himself to be more than capable of dominating the court just like his old man. Over the weekend, Bronny participated in the NY2LA Swish ‘N Dish Tournament in Wisconsin, where his team, the North Coast Blue Chips, went undefeated and easily claimed the 13U title.

During one game, Bronny showed off a bit of his insane talent when an opposing player decided to try and challenge him in the backcourt. Predictably, it did not end well for Bronny’s opponent, as he unleashed a pro-level spin that broke the other player’s ankle (metaphorically of course) and landed him on the floor.

The ankle-decimating play was so impressive, that Bronny’s dad, NBA superstar LeBron James, took to Instagram to share his amazement at his son’s skills, while also jokingly giving him a lesson in manners. The Cavs forward posted a photo of the aftermath of the play — with Bronny dribbling down the court while his challenger plummeted to the boards — on Instagram. The caption read: “Bronny chill out! We practice sportsmanship in this house. But he did pick you up in the backcourt like he wanted smoke so u had to do what you had to do.”

Given that Bronny is just old enough to get into a PG-13 movie without his parents, we can’t wait to see how his talent develops as he heads into high school. But as he is casually annihilating his opponents on the court, hopefully, he remembers to practice sportsmanship or he may get another Instagram “lecture” from his dear old dad.