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LeBron and Neil Patrick Harris Are the Frontrunners for “Best Dressed Dad” This Halloween

These two stars have taken the lead for the coveted title of "Best Dressed Dad" this Halloween.

Halloween is just getting started but LeBron James and Neil Patrick Harris have already set the bar extremely high when it comes to dads dressing up.

King James hosted his annual Halloween Bash and decided to go with a topical costume, dressing up as Pennywise, the killer clown from IT. James went all out for the look, nailing every detail of the costume and even carrying around a couple of Pennywise’s signature red balloons.

Plenty of people will be dressing up as the IT villain this year but James’ size really took his costume to the next level. Pennywise is already terrifying enough in its own right but imagine if that same murderous jokester was suddenly 6’8″ and weighed around 250 lbs? That is what nightmares are made of.

Meanwhile, Harris took his family to the circus. The star and his family have become Halloween legends over the past couple of years, always coming up with fantastic group costumes that clearly require a ton of thought and dedication. It was hard to imagine them topping last year’s Batman-themed getup but this year may just be their best yet. Harris and co. brought some creepy camp to their Halloween shenanigans, as they dressed as members of a carnival freak show that seems to be inspired by American Horror Story.

The whole family looked amazing, with Harris setting the tone as the possibly deranged ringleader. Harris’ husband David Burtka did almost too good of a job playing the part of a creepy clown. But the real MVPs were Harris and Burtka’s 7-year-old twins, Gideon and Harper. Gideon was dressed as the world’s strongest man, complete with a vintage handlebar mustache while Harper was front and center as the world’s most adorable bearded lady.

Will any other dads be able to keep up with Harris and James in the unspoken competition for best-dressed dad? Or will these two remain unchallenged and be forced to go head to head for the prize? Only time will tell.