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LeBron James Admits He Lets His 11- and 14-Year-Old Sons Drink Wine With Him

LeBron is a total health nut who happens to be raising two basketball prodigies, chances are the family isn't getting lit every weekend.

@KingJames Instagram

LeBron James is no stranger to doing things his own way. He’s the guy who goes, “Oh, my hometown needs a parent-friendly public school for at-risk youth? I better build one!” or ‘I think I’m gonna ride my bike seven miles to practice today despite my millions of dollars.” With that in mind, it was hardly a shock when the father of three admitted that he lets his two sons drink wine with him and his wife.

James noted that his children will usually drink “whatever dad’s and mom’s having. Put it on me, though. Don’t put it on mom. Put it on dad, put it on dad.”

Still, in James’ eyes it’s only allowed because he sees his two sons, Bronny, 14, and Bryce, 11, as really mature for their age.

“Yeah, that’s how mature they are,” he told USA Today on Tuesday. “They’ll be driving next week, too.”

People still seem split as to whether exposing your kids to supervised alcohol consumption at a young age is actually making them more or less prone to alcohol abuse. In fact, most researchers will tell you that letting a child drink under any circumstance is tacitly giving them the approval to participate in the act of drinking. In a way, creating an aura of permissiveness could encourage heavy drinking later on in life.

At the same time, creating rigid taboos and a culture of fear around something isn’t exactly going to help a child consume or do less of that thing either. Plus, It’s not weird for kids to drink in every culture across the world, and beyond that, it seems unlikely that James is really letting his kids get drunk at the table over dinner.