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Bronny James Celebrates Father’s Day by Pulling Off His Dad’s Signature Dunk

Bronny is only 14, so there's definitely plenty more where that came from.


Most of the time, a 14-year-old dunking a basketball isn’t news, except to the other underclassmen looking on in awe as he or she pulls one of the coolest feats in sports. But when your name is LeBron James Jr. and you pull off an in-game dunk inspired by your dad? That’s definitely news.

Bronny pulled off the dunk in question — his first of the AAU season — at the Balling on the Beach youth tournament in Deerfield Beach, Florida over the weekend. Dad was home in Los Angeles — likely celebrating the massive deal that’s bringing Anthony Davis to the Lakers — which meant he couldn’t go into full sports-dad mode and lose his mind on the sidelines.

But thankfully for LeBron the elder and us, the basketball-interested public, there were plenty of cameras pointed at Bronny when he received a long pass from a teammate in transition, charged at the basket, palming the ball in his right hand, and jumped up for the one-handed slam.

And one more time in slow motion, because everything’s better in slow motion, along with extra footage of Bronny and his coaches grinning from ear-to-ear because let’s face it: dunking a basketball is awesome no matter how many times you do it.

Bronny’s dunk, in both style and sheer confidence, was reminiscent of some of his dad’s best moments on the court in the NBA. Just take a look at this 2011 jam in a game against the Spurs:

Bronny is spending the summer playing travel ball before his first year at Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, California, where he’ll play with Zaire Wade, son of Dwayne and a highly touted prospect in his own right.

Both kids have the potential to carry on their dad’s legacies in the NBA, turning their dads’ storied careers into just the first parts of familial dynasties.