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LeBron James Was in Full Dad Mode Watching His Son’s First Dunk Attempt

Check out his hilarious reaction.


Over the weekend, LeBron James took some time away from deciding his next career move to watch his son, LeBron ‘Bronny’ James Jr., play some basketball. And Bronny did not disappoint, as he ended up blowing his dad (and the internet) away when he attempted his first-ever in-game dunk. Bronny wasn’t able to pull the dunk off but considering the kid is only 13 years old, it’s an incredibly impressive display of athleticism, even for the son of the most athletically-gifted basketball player of all time.

The dunk attempt occurred during a game at the “Balling on the Beach” tournament at Southwest Miami Senior High School. Despite only being 13 years old, Bronny came within inches of throwing down a vicious dunk and it only feels like a matter of time before he is regularly pulling off monster dunks like his old man.