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LeBron Is Every Dad Coaching His Son’s Team

He wanted in on the action.


Many parents are guilty of getting a little too involved in their children’s sports leagues—and LeBron James is no exception. The NBA superstar was caught on camera over the weekend playing coach for his son’s AAU team.

LeBron was given his own personal cheering section at the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League tournament on Saturday, where 14-year-old Bronny was facing off against rival Emoni Bates. But the Lakers forward seemed to have trouble staying in his corner as just a spectator.

In the video, LeBron roams the sideline, not only coaching his son but his son’s teammates as well. He calls plays (like advising Bronny, “No shot, no shot,” during the last few seconds of the team’s win), pow-wows with the actual coaches, and even gets a little fired up over a few questionable calls, at one point shouting at the ref, “That is not a travel!”

Of course, LeBron plays the role of proud dad, too. He claps and whoops for his son’s success on the court, cheering on Bronny as he scored 11 points during the game.

And LeBron’s coaching throughout the years has clearly paid off for the young basketballer. In April, Coach K attended Bronny’s 16U Nike EYBL debut game as part of the Strive For Greatness travel team, fueling rumors that LeBron’s eldest son is already being scouted by the Duke Blue Devils.

But regardless of where Bronny’s basketball talent takes him, LeBron will likely be supportive. During an episode of his HBO series, The Shop, the 34-year-old said, “My kid has his own personality, he has his own DNA. We share the same name but he has his own path.”