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Criticizing LeBron for Being a Supportive Dad Is Incredibly Stupid

Stop it. Just stop.

Twitter: @SLAM_HS

Last week, LeBron James made headlines in the world of parenting, as his ecstatic reactions at his son Bronny’s AAU games – along with participating in the pre-game lay-up drills – attracted some attention online. While most people enjoyed the videos of LeBron in proud dad mode and then moved on with their lives, the parent shamers took the opportunity to try and criticize his parenting.

Undisputed‘s Skip Bayless, who has built his career around his insatiable and unsuccessful desire to destroy LeBron, called the incident “embarrassing” and accused the most famous athlete in America of being “attention-starved.” Now, it would be easy to point to Bayless’ consistent defense of LaVar Ball’s embarrassing, attention-starved tactics to highlight the hypocrisy that has defined his entire public persona. But Bayless isn’t the only person who attacked LeBron.

Jason Whitlock, another Fox Sports talking head who pays the bills manufacturing outrage, said that LeBron’s celebrations were “inappropriate” and went so far as calling him a “fame and social media junkie.” At this point, anyone who has been online for longer than five minutes knows that trolls exist for the sole purpose of seeking attention but this sort of idiotic, self-serving behavior crosses the line when they start criticizing LeBron’s parenting.

Maybe you think LeBron’s reaction was a little corny and over-the-top. That’s fine but the idea that LeBron is anything but a great dad is inherently false. LeBron has supported his kids every step of the way and has made a point of making it clear that he prioritizes their success and happiness over anything else in his life. He sings Frozen with his daughter. He praises Bryce as the “best shooter” in the family and loses his shoe celebrating Bronny’s team pulling off an epic play.

Unlike someone like LaVar, LeBron is not taunting anyone else or putting down people around him in a misguided attempt to build his family’s brand. He’s just an over-involved sports parent who gets a little too pumped when his kids do something that makes him proud. It’s a wonderful side to see from one of the biggest celebrities on earth, especially when you consider the fact that LeBron’s own father played no part in raising him. Clearly, he is doing everything in his power to be the dad he never had.

Sadly, trolls only find happiness in bringing other people down but we doubt it will bother LeBron too much. While Skip is concocting his latest convoluted way to attack one of the greatest basketball players ever, LeBron will probably be too busy enjoying Taco Tuesday with his wife and kids to notice all the idiotic criticism trying to make him feel bad for being a supportive dad.