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Bronny James Perfectly Throws Down His Dad’s Kobe Bryant Tribute Dunk

The video has to be seen to be believed.

Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter; SportsCenter/Twitter

Nineteen years ago, Kobe Bryant threw down a reverse dunk that became a trademark moment in a career full of them. After his tragic death in a helicopter crash, LeBron James paid tribute by imitating Kobe’s move on a fastbreak against the Rockets. Eerily, the bucket happened at the same arena at the same end of the court as the original, and it also happened off of a steal.

Not to be left out, Bronny James, LeBron’s basketball prodigy son, paid tribute to his dad’s tribute by throwing down the same dunk during pregame warm-ups to cheers from the crowd.

“I was watching social media today, and my son did the same thing in his warmup. He didn’t do it in a game, but he kind of did the same dunk in his warmups today. So, Kobe — he’s in all of us right now,” proud father James said of his son’s meta-tribute.

James had previously said that his tribute wasn’t planned. “I didn’t really predetermine that either until I jumped. I just jumped and kind of figured it out, and then … it’s crazy how it’s the same exact dunk, the same exact hoop that Kobe did [it on] — what, 19 years ago or something like that? That was nice.”

It all sounds pretty cool when you hear about it, but seeing is believing. Exhibit A is this video posted by the Lakers, which splices together footage of both NBA dunks.

Pair that with the Bronny edition, also intercut with his dad’s dunk, and it feels downright spooky.