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LeBron James Admits to Fighting With Other Parents at Son’s Basketball Game

In a preview for his upcoming HBO show, he also says he regrets naming one of his kids after himself.

Getty Images

LeBron James is the greatest basketball player on the planet. But when it comes to watching his kids play hoops, he’s just like every other overbearing sports parent. In a preview for his upcoming HBO show The Shop, James spoke about how much he gets into his kids’ games and even admitted to arguing with other parents.

“I’m sitting there, and I’m watching the game, and I feel my hands just start sweating. I feel my chest start sweating,” James said. “I’m like, what is this? Ten-year-olds out here hooping, why you feeling like this? Then it went from just sitting there on the bench to me getting in an argument.”

The three-time NBA champion also spoke about how watching his sons, Bryce and LeBron James Jr. (better known as Bronny), helped him stay motivated to keep his game at the highest level.

“What really got me back on my health is my kids playing,” James explained. “Watching my boys play ball. Last year was the first time I really had some time to go watch them play.”

Over the last few years, both of his sons have shown flashes of their dad’s insane talent, especially Bronny, who nearly broke the internet when he almost pulled off a dunk despite only being 13-years-old. However, James did admit that he feels some regret about naming his oldest son after himself, as he’s realized how much pressure it’s added to his son’s life. Still, James knows that at the end of the day, there is only so much he can do to help his kids succeed in life.

“The only thing I can do is give them the blueprint, and it’s up to them to take their own course whenever that time comes,” James said.

The Shop premieres on HBO August 28.