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LeBron and Dwyane Wade’s Sons May Be Teammates Next Year

This could be the greatest high school basketball team ever.

Getty Images / Instagram:dwyanewade

During their four seasons on the Miami Heat, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade managed to become one of the most iconic duos in the NBA, winning two championships and creating hours of insane highlight reels. Now, it looks like their sons may have a chance to create their own superteam legacy, as Bronny James and Zaire Wade will reportedly be high school teammates this fall.

According to ESPN, James’ two sons, Bronny, 14, and Bryce, 11, will be transferring from the Crossroads School in Santa Monica to Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, California. Daily News reported that Zaire, 17, will also be attending Sierra Canyon next year, meaning that we could be witnessing another generation of the James-Wade domination. While Bronny will be a freshman, Zaire will be a senior but given Bronny’s impressive skills, we can’t imagine he’ll have too much trouble keeping up with the rest of the team.

And Bronny and Zaire are not even the first roster of potential superstars that have been on the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers. Last year, they were led by Cassius Stanley, who is committed Duke, and KJ Martin and Scotty Pippen Jr., who are both committed to Vanderbilt and are the sons of former NBA players Kenyon Martin and Scottie Pippen, respectively.

Still, there’s no star power quite like James and Wade and even with that trio heading off to college, the Trailblazers could be turning a super-team that even the Golden State Warriors would find excessive and we absolutely can’t wait to see them destroy opponents on the court. Not to mention the star-studded sidelines, as it will be a blast watching these two best friends and NBA stars fully engaged in overly involved sports parent mode.