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Lebanese Protestors Sing “Baby Shark” To Toddler Caught in Crowd

In Lebanon, mass protests have erupted against a corrupt government. That hasn't stopped the Lebanese people from being great citizens.

Eliane Jabbour/Facebook

In Lebanon, mass protests have erupted after allegations of corruption in the country. The protests sparked last Thursday after the government announced they would be levying new taxes against their citizens — including a fee on calls on free messenger apps like WhatsApp — and protesters say that the protests have come to the fore after decades of corruption in the country, and allege that the government has misused tens of billions of government funds for their own enrichment. 

But despite the mass protests, Lebanese citizens still come together to make sure that the youngest among them feel calm and safe. That was evident when Lebanese driver Eliane Jabbour was caught in the midst of a massive protest with her toddler who sat in the front seat. When Eliane approached the protestors, she asked them to quiet down, as her toddler was sleeping and might become upset. The protestors immediately launched into a rendition of “Baby Shark,” the smash international kids song hit which has a whopping 3.7 billion views on YouTube.

Thanks for the animation on road from baby Robin HaddadChabeb furn el chebackAnd the shark Elie-joe Nehme

Posted by Eliane Jabbour on Saturday, October 19, 2019

The protestors did hand movements and dances to entertain the toddler. One man walked through the crowd, wiggling like a fish, and others clapped their hands like sharks as the toddler held on to his bottle and looked at his mom, wide-eyed in wonder. Eliane captured a video of the heartwarming crowd of 20 or more protesters singing to her toddler and it almost immediately went viral.

Eliane says that she’s shown the video to her toddler a few times and every time he sees it, he starts laughing and smiling.