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New Law Requires Airports to Provide Private Spaces for Nursing Moms

This is a huge win for traveling parents.

Getty Images

Between long security lines and delayed flights, traveling is stressful enough as it is. Add breastfeeding into the mix and things get pretty messy. Fortunately, there’s good news for nursing moms-on-the-go: Thanks to a new law that President Trump signed on October 5, private lactation rooms are now mandatory in all major U.S. airports.

Introduced in May 2017 by Senator Tammy Duckworth and representative Stephen Knight, the law began as part of the Friendly Airports for Mothers (FAM) Act. It requires that all medium and large-sized airports have private nursing rooms in every terminal by October 2020.

Not just any space will do, either. The rooms must meet certain conditions to be deemed acceptable, such as having a door that can be locked from the inside, a place to sit and an electrical outlet. They also need to be behind security and completely shielded from the public, along with being accessible to people with disabilities.

The 10 largest airports in the U.S., including Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, already offer private nursing spaces. Among the others that will have to abide by the new rules are any airports designated as medium-hub (think: Raleigh-Durham or San Francisco) or larger by the Federal Aviation Administration.

It’s a big win for mothers everywhere—and for Senator Duckworth herself, who was the first Senator to give birth while in office and has since become a passionate parent advocate.

Following the announcement of the new law, she tweeted, “I’m so proud my bipartisan FAM Act was signed into law. This long-awaited law will help improve children’s health and help hardworking mothers across our country find clean and accessible spaces to express breastmilk when traveling.”

An added bonus? The law requires airports to have baby-changing tables in both men’s and women’s restrooms, as well. Looks like traveling with kids is about to get a lot easier.