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The NBA’s Most Obnoxious Dad is Back

"Afraid of LeBron?! I’m not afraid of Jesus!"

Getty Images

Don’t look now but LaVar Ball is once again making headlines, as the father of Lonzo and founder of Big Baller Brand broke his media silence to take a couple of shots at Lakers coach Luke Walton and even throw a little shade at LeBron James.

For most of the season, LaVar kept his mouth shut and seemed content to let the Lakers figure it out without his interference. But now with his son Lonzo clearly on the trading block, the NBA’s most controversial dad is back to running his mouth, as he took shots at Walton in a radio interview this week.

With the NBA trade deadline rapidly approaching, the Lakers have been working tirelessly to acquire Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis. According to reports, Lonzo is one of the key pieces in LA’s trade offer to the Pelicans, which has clearly not gone over well with the Ball family.

“If you look at my boys, the one thing they do do is win,” he said on Doug & Wolf on Phoenix radio station 98.7 FM. “Being undefeated, [LiAngelo] and [LaMelo] winning 60 games in a row, my boys don’t lose too much. When they got to the Lakers, Luke Walton was the worst coach ever for Lonzo ’cause he had a losing mentality. He’s been losing for three years.”

LaVar was a bit more careful when talking about LeBron, though he did make it clear that he has no problem reigniting their beef if he forces his son out of LA.

“Afraid of LeBron?!” Lavar said. “I’m not afraid of Jesus! What are you talking about?”

LaVar’s confidence (or arrogance, depending on your point of view) should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the highly controversial NBA dad. Along with saying that the Lakers were still Lonzo’s team despite the best player in the world joining the team over the summer, LaVar also insists that he could beat Michael Jordan in a game of one-on-one even though he averaged just two points per game when he played at Washington State.

Now that LaVar has returned to his old habits of trash talking and claiming his sons are the greatest athletes of all time, don’t be surprised if he keeps making headlines with his outlandish claims. Because in the never-ending, drama-filled reality show known as the NBA, nobody plays the heel quite like LaVar.