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The Latest Must Have Lego? A Life-Size Moving Star Wars Porg

It's made of 811 pieces and stands 7 inches tall.


It wasn’t hard to notice that fans of a galaxy far, far away were split right down the middle when it came to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. While you might not have loved the movie’s arduous b-plots or the death of a major character, nearly everyone agrees on one thing: the Porgs are relentlessly cute. And while there has been no shortage of toys capitalizing on Porg-fever, Lego is upping the ante with a new set that brings adorable birds to life.

The new Porg build is part of Lego’s Ultimate Collectors Series (UCS), which means it’s less of a kid’s toy and more of a collector’s you build and place on the mantle. Still, it’s great. Made of 811 pieces, it comes with its own museum-esque panel that displays Porg facts as well as a Porg minifigure.

Once assembled, the Porg is (kind of) interactive: press its tail and it will do that Porg thing where it opens its mouth and flaps its wings. It does not, mercifully, let out that unsettling screech. Lego UCS sets tend to be a little pricey. But the Porg build is set at a pretty reasonable $70. It will be available on October 1st.