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In Latest ‘God of War’ Trailer, Monster Hunting Is a Father-Son Affair.

The Playstation game, due out in April, goes heavy on Kratos' relationship with his young boy.

After a lot of hype, Sony announced today that the next entry in the uber-popular God of War franchise will his shelves on April 20th. Along with a new story-based trailer for the game, Sony revealed that father-son dynamics will play an enormous part of the reimagined series. 

The God of War video game franchise, loosely based on Greek mythology, has been kicking around for more than 15 years, but the upcoming eighth installment will be making a huge tonal shift. Instead of following Kratos, a disillusioned demigod hell-bent on vengeance and bludgeoning anything in his way to death, this outing will follow Kratos, the wise and contemplative, albeit estranged, father — who will still bludgeon anything in his way to death and show his son how to do the same. And rather than staying in its established lane of Greek lore, the game will explore some Norse mythology as well. Check out the trailer. 

As you can see, Kratos’ relationship with his boy will take center stage. While it’s very doubtful that the notoriously violent video game franchise will be the type of game to play with, let alone in front of, their children, it’s one of the first games to put the father-son relationship in the forefront. Some fathers play catch with their kids; others go out and slay mythic beasts while confronting their demigod legacy. To each his own.