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Why The CDC Is Not Thrilled With Your Kid’s Sex Ed Curriculum

If you’re pretty sure all your kid is learning in sex-ed class is ” Don’t have sex,” you might be right. That’s according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) latest report on how well schools in different states are teaching your kids about the horizontal tango. The nationwide status of our sex-ed teachers … ahem … performance? No bueno.

Less than half (about 46 percent) of high schools (and only 20 percent of middle schools) across states actually covered the 16 topics the CDC deem essential for teens to know, according to four main categories: pregnancy, HIV prevention, STD prevention, and sexuality. Meanwhile, while your kid is never more than a few thumb punches away from a video library of the entire spectrum of human sexuality, 94 percent of high schools focus on the joys of abstinence and only 54 percent show kids how to effectively condom up a banana.

Kids in New Jersey, New York, and New Hampshire are doing better than most, while you’ll probably want to keep your kid away from Arizonian and South Dakotan teenagers once they’re flush with hormones. But, overall, when experts are pleading with schools to start sex-ed earlier and focus on things like consent and how to understand the porn kids inevitably encounter, it looks like every state education board could use a human sexuality tutor.