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‘Lady and the Tramp’ Live-Action Cast Includes Zero Dogs But Some Great Humans

Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux star.


When Disney announced they were remaking Lady and the Tramp as a live-action film, we hoped that they would have a massive casting call for the cutest puppies across the U.S. Unfortunately, Disney decided to go with CGI and voice actors instead of our adorable alternative. To make up for this error, Disney assembled a fantastic voice cast.

Tessa Thompson, who starred in Annihilation and Westworld, is going to voice the precious Cocker Spaniel Lady. After Jim Dear and Darling have a baby, Lady accidentally goes on a wild adventure that causes her to cross paths with Tramp. Thompson will share a plate of spaghetti at a romantic Italian restaurant with Justin Theroux who will play the roguish stray dog Tramp. Theroux is known for his roles in American Psycho and The Girl on the Train.

Thompson will also reunite with friend Janelle Monáe. The two made wave when Thompson appeared in Monáe’s “Pynk” music video. The singer will appear as Peg the stray Pekingese who Tramp protects. Another dog in Tramp’s crew is Bull the Bulldog, who will be voiced by Doctor Strange’s Benedict Wong. Those are all of the pups who have been cast so far. It’s unclear whether Lady’s neighbors Jock, the Scottie dog, and Trusty, the Bloodhound will make it into the new live-action film.  

As for cast that’ll appear as themselves rather than CGI dogs, Kiersey Clemons (Hearts Beat Loud) and Thomas Mann (Kong: Skull Island) will portray Darling and Jim Dear. Loveable actress Yvette Nicole Brown from Community will be dropping her pleasant demeanor to play Aunt Sarah who repeatedly tells Darling and Jim Dear to kick out Lady. She brings over her two malicious Siamese cats who wreak havoc on Lady’s life.

The new Lady and the Tramp will air on Disney’s streaming service, which is set to launch in 2019.