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Kurt Russell is a Badass Santa in Netflix’s ‘The Christmas Chronicles’

Just try to hate this movie.

You’d think Kurt Russell’s best roles were behind him: Snake in Escape From New York, Jack in Big Trouble in Little China, Cash in Tango and Cash. But it’s possible these roles were all just a prelude to the role he was born to play: Santa Claus. That’s right, Kurt Russell is playing Santa in a direct-to-Netflix movie that seemingly materialized out of nowhere called The Christmas Chronicles.

Does anything about this newly released trailer make sense? Nope. Does it seem like it’s revisiting a well that has been endlessly revisited by the likes of The Santa Clause franchise, Fred Claus, and even the new Grinch movie? Yeah. We’ve seen this before: Santa is really a wise-cracking badass with sci-fi technology which can only be called yuletide steampunk. He’s got a rocket sleigh and he’s not afraid to use it. You get it. The only thing missing from the trailer for The Christmas Chronicles is Kurt Russell drinking spiked eggnog straight from a thermos before spitting it out all over the elves.

But…here’s the thing. You could get cynical about all of the above, and write this movie off as a desperate payday for Russell (it probably is) or you could just decide you’re going to love it. Why? Because if there’s someone who should be playing a take-no-prisoners version of Santa, that person is 100 percent, Kurt Russell. Let’s face it, though he was great at Star Lord’s dad in Guardaians of the Galaxy 2it sort of sucked he was the bad guy, and as much as we want Russell to play anti-heroes (‘ala Snake Plissken), it’s probably better if he’s just the good guy.

Will The Christmas Chronicles be good? Probably not. Will you be able to watch it with your kids and feel awesome about yourself and your love of Kurt Russell? You bet. The only mistake this movie has made so far (other than the aforementioned lack of spiked egg nog) is not giving the Russell-Santa an eyepatch. Other than that, dads everywhere should be firmly for this movie.

And the best part is because it’s on Netflix, we don’t have to drive to the theater to see it. Bring it on Escape From Christmas The Christmas Chronicles! 

The Christmas Chronicles hits Netflix on November 22.