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Kristen Bell Wins Babysitting in ‘Momsplaining’ Season Finale

She even made a martini for the mom!

Supermom Kristen Bell decided to take on an insanely difficult task in the season finale of “Momsplaining with Kristen Bell” on Ellentube. The Good Place actress and mother of two offered to babysit for perhaps the most amazing mother in the United States of America. Ariel has a 3-year-old daughter, two infant twins and a full-time job. No one, including Bell, knows how she’s still standing. Bell isn’t just showing her audience how hard it is to have three babies though, she’s tackling a deeper issue in her usual perky and sarcastic way.

In the beginning of the episode, Bell tells the camera in her open, honest way that she’s been lucky to have help raising her children. She’s a famous actress. She can afford childcare. Most families can’t. The most famous mom in America wants to pay it forward and help a mother who desperately needs at least a few hours off.

Bell strides in to Ariel’s house armed with a toolkit full of baby supplies, stuffed animals, a cocktail shaker and martini ingredients. The martinis are for mom (and Kristen). Kristen takes a swig of the martini when she finds out that she needs to bathe and put Ariel’s three children to bed, which seems like a very fitting reaction. Imagine this poor mother having to do that every evening.

Ariel’s living room is cordoned off as a “kid-free zone” with caution tape and cheekily dubbed it “Ariel’s grotto” as in Little Mermaid’s Princess Ariel. The only person who’s allowed within the tape is Chad, a very attractive man sent to give Ariel a foot massage.

The cheery babysitter gets to work. She first figures out how to tell the twins apart. Instead of developing a more refined system, Bell cuts right to the chase a draws an Indy 500 card on Indy’s hand and ivy on the side of a building at Harvard on Ivy’s hand. She quips that maybe the maker will come off “after kindergarten.” Hey, that’s probably the easiest way though.

The baths and bedtime go very smoothly—at least according to the final footage in the episode. Bell is a seasoned pro. She reads the twins a bedtime story and even makes a play with two stuffed animals about conflict resolution.

Bell isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with the realities of raising children and motherhood. This season of “Momsplaining” was honest, funny and explored issues mothers face in Bell’s way. It’s even built for parents. The episodes are short and to-the-point for parents who don’t have time to watch a 30 minute sitcom let alone dream about it. We’re looking forward to season three.