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Watch Kristen Bell Advocate for Parents to Self-Care in This Hilarious Video

Parenting ain't easy.


Being a mom isn’t easy. That’s something that Kristen Bell knows from personal experience, which is why she’s defending self-care for all parents in a hilarious new episode of Momsplaining With Kristen Bell.

The show, which is part of Bell’s weekly digital series on EllenTube, opens with the Good Place actress dressed as a flight attendant, welcoming viewers to parenthood. “You’ll find a list of approved do’s and don’ts in your in-flight magazine,” she says, before adding, “Just kidding, you’re completely on your own!”

She then decides to help three real moms find some time for themselves. They take a dance exercise class together, spend some time in the sauna, and get massages. Throughout it all, the moms commiserate about the crazy, stressful experience that is parenting.

“I feel like an eight-minute shower is a vacation,” Taryn says, while Latrenda admits she’s excited for her youngest to leave for college so she can “have my life back.”

Bell reassures them that she thinks it’s healthy to admit that being a parent isn’t always easy and that sometimes you need help. “I want to encourage all of us women to be better at stating our needs and not putting it all on your shoulders,” the 38-year-old mom of two says. “Moms can’t do everything, right?”

She also claims that it’s perfectly normal to miss some parts of life before kids, namely “swearing with reckless abandon.”

The episode closes with Bell sharing her big takeaway from the day: “Sometimes you just need to get nudie and have a stranger touch you all over.”