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Kristen Bell Gushes on Instagram About Dax Shepard in Full #DadBeast Mode

You think he actually fixed it?

KristenBell Instagram

When famous people encounter broken things, rather than try to fix them, they just buy a new one. That’s the general perception of rich celebs. But when you’re talking about actress Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard — perhaps the most down-to-earth parenting duo in Hollywood — all bets are off. Case in point: when their daughter’s bicycle broke, Bell managed to snap a picture of a shirtless Shepard coming to the rescue and fixing it.

The picture is actually the most dad sh*t you’ve ever seen. Shepard has the very small, very pink, and very Paw Patrol-themed bike upside down on his workbench as he tinkers with something or another. Beyond that, there is this slightly confused look on his face as if he is questioning whether the bike actually can be fixed, or perhaps, questioning if he can fix it. And if it needed to get even more dad, Shepherd is looking stumped by the bike in a garage full of tools and a book titled The Big Butt Book 3D. Commenters seemed hip to the idea that he looked a little stuck as well.

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The #dadbeast likes big butt books and fixin kids toyz.

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“Did he fix it though??” one commenter wrote. “There’s two things that happens when dad’s try to fix things: leftover pieces or success.”

Another fan chimed in to commend the couple for keeping it normal and not counting on being rich and famous. “Could you guys be any more cute and relatable? Like really,” they wrote.

Now all that’s really needed is an update post letting everyone know if the bike ended up back in the driveway or in the trash. Our bet’s on the driveway.