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Watch Kristen Bell Ultrasound a Porcupine in ‘Momsplaining’ Season 3

This might be her best episode yet.


Kristen Bell is back in a hilarious new episode of “Momsplaining.” And this time, the Good Place star learns—and shares—a few parenting lessons from the moms of the animal kingdom.

Or rather, the animal “queendom,” which Bell argues it should be called given that “those male animals aren’t pushing babies out of their furry hoo-has are they?”

The episode, which kicks off season three of Bell’s digital series that airs on EllenTube, takes place at the Wildlife Learning Center. There, a staff member named Danielle introduces Bell to a variety of animals, including Chompers the alligator, Sid the milk snake, and Rosie and Malala, the ring-tailed lemurs.

Besides discovering which animals like “to get it on the most” (tortoises), Bell also finds out how snakes have sex. And while she’s shocked to learn that male snakes have two penises, she’s even more shocked to learn that the whole act can take as short as one hour but as long as up to 24 hours.

Bell then helps a veterinarian perform an ultrasound on Freddy the porcupine, where she gets jealous that the spiky animals only gain about three pounds during pregnancy (Bell confesses to Freddy that she gained 47 when she was carrying her own kids).

The entertaining episode ends with a photo shoot with a giant sloth–and a classic Kristen Bell joke. “So a sloth robs a turtle,” she tells the animals. “And the police says, ‘Can you give me some details about the robbery?’ And the turtle says, ‘I can’t man, I don’t know, it just all happened so fast…”