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Watch Kids Explain Everything Parents Don’t Understand to Kristen Bell

From slime to Baby Shark.


There are a lot of things that parents don’t understand about the world that their kids live in, like how to use Instagram and why they’re obsessed with Fortnite. Which is why Kristen Bell decided to get a few lessons from three real kids in her latest episode of Momsplaining with Kristen Bell.

The segment, part of her digital series on EllenTube, opens with the Good Place actress explaining that she only knows “old people facts” like math and spelling. So she’s playing student for the day to learn “new people facts.”

First up is tween talk, where Bell learns some of the lingo that kids these days are using, like “that’s tight” and “lit.” Bell then moves onto a slime workshop, where a student teaches her how to make the DIY goo that’s become so popular.

The 38-year-old mom of two also learns the viral Baby Shark dance, during which she asks her young teacher, “And how many times do you watch it in a row before you throw up?”

And while she doesn’t understand a lot of the trends, Bell admits she (mostly) has faith in the younger generation. “When I think about the future of the world, I am equal parts confident and terrified,” she explains, adding, “Which is exactly how my mom felt about me and how her mom felt about her. And someday these guys will grow up and roll their eyes at whatever their kids are into.”

The episode ends with Bell doing a little teaching of her own, showing one boy how to play jacks which she points out is not only more interactive but also more fun than playing video games. Oh, moms.