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Kristen Bell Represents Us All In Photo Of 2-Days Of Back-to-School

Kristen Bell is very tired in a new back-to-school selfie


Parents have a lot to be exhausted about. Whether it’s from taking on the role of teacher during remote learning, or figuring out the mental gymnastics of navigating so-called socially distanced in-person classes, plus, the pandemic that is still raging, “exhausted” is probably not a strong enough of word for it. But it’ll do. And even celebrity parents are feeling a little burnt out, too, although admittedly they have more resources to help make back-to-school feel a bit more manageable. And on that note, Kristen Bell posted an actually pretty relatable selfie on August 25 posing with her dog, captioned, “It’s only day 2 of school and Frank and I are exhausted.” 

As Romper pointed out, it’s not clear if Bell’s kids, Delta and Lincoln Bell Shepard, are doing virtual learning or if they’re back in the classroom, but the “exhaustion” is there regardless. Celebrities including Josh Gad commented, writing, “same,” and Bell’s husband, the Parenthood and Idiocracy star Dax Shepard wrote, “Tell your face! You look like you slept for a decade.” Relatable, right? Well, at this point, everything is so in flux that “day 2” might as well be “day 100,” as the hours stretch on ad infinitum. Yes, it’s only ‘day 2’ but parents already need a break! 

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It's only day 2 of school and Frank and I are exhausted.

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