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Kristen Bell Gets Very Real About Her ‘Miserable’ Morning Routine

Bell remains the Hollywood child whisperer.


Getting kids out the door in a timely manner is a challenge for even the savviest parents. And considering how much effort it takes to get most children to eat, get dressed, and brush their teeth every morning, the idea of having anything close to an efficient morning routine is little more than a fantasy for most parents, including A-list celebrities. In a recent interview, actress Kristen Bell had a hilariously honest answer when asked what a typical weekday morning looks like at her house.

“It’s miserable,” Bell told Popsugar. “It’s awful no matter who’s doing what. And I’ll tell you right now, the 3- and 5-year-old aren’t doing jack.”

The Frozen actress then got into the specifics of what an average morning is like for her and unsurprisingly, it sounds pretty chaotic.

“Usually I try to get them dressed because they’re in the bedroom, so we might as well knock a couple things off our list that happen in the bedroom,” Bell explains. “Then it’s breakfast. Then they have about a half-hour of playtime while I feed the dog, brush my teeth, put some semblance of sunscreen and pants on to attend preschool.”

Bell said that the real challenge begins once she has to try to get them out of the house and into the car.

“Getting them in the car is really the hardest part because once those kids have woken up and rediscovered their thirst for life like they do every morning, they’re just running in circles, and I’m like ‘Stop, stop, stop. Put your seatbelt on. Put your seatbelt on. Put your shoes back on. Put them back on. Take her shoes off and put yours back on. No, put your lunch away, we’re not at school yet.'”

Though Bell acknowledged that getting them out the door every day is truly “awful no matter who’s doing what,” she said that it’s often hard to even guess how her kids will behave on any given morning.

“It depends on their emotional stability, it depends on their attitude toward each other, toward life,” Bell said. “It depends on their developmental stage.”