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Kristen Bell Worries Snow White Might Be Teaching Her Daughter Terrible Life Lessons

Despite being a Disney Princess herself, Bell has no problem calling out questionable lessons taught by Snow White.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? According to Kristen Bell, it’s definitely not the Disney Princesses. The celeb mom is teaching daughters Lincoln, 5, and Delta, 3, that there are more important questions to ask in life, like whether it’s okay for the prince to kiss Snow White without permission (correct answer: no) or why you shouldn’t take food from strangers.

As a Disney Princess herself—Bell voiced ice queen Anna in Frozen—she confesses that reading with her girls is one of the best parts of her day. But when the Bell ladies hit the books, they aren’t just in it for fairy tale endings and dreamy love stories.

“Every time we close Snow White I look at my girls and ask, ‘Don’t you think it’s weird that Snow White didn’t ask the old witch why she needed to eat the apple? Or where she got that apple?’” Bell recently told Parents Magazine, describing how she turns storytime into a teachable moment. Or in her words, as a chance to “feed their brain just like I feed their belly.”

Bell’s take on the tale as old as time is something that she hopes to capture in her own children’s book, currently in the works. While there likely won’t be any questionable Prince Charming behavior (“Because you can not kiss someone if they’re sleeping!”), Bell is excited to write her own happily ever after for her girls. One that will have her—and every other parent—saying “Okay, I’m doing something right.”

After all, that’s exactly what she thinks when Lincoln and Delta reassure her that no, they won’t be accepting a strange green apple from a mysterious witch anytime soon. Happy ending (and parenting win), achieved.