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Kristen Bell Caught Her Daughter Belting Out ‘Let It Go’ and It’s Hilarious

This will surely help to melt that icicle in your chest.

Flickr Gage Skidmore

Being that kids are innately late to the shame game, one of the best things about being around them is the fact that you’ll often catch them doing outright silly things that would cause any adult to wither from embarrassment. Frozen star Kristen Bell shared a pretty hilarious video of her three-year-old daughter Delta singing the movie’s smash hit “Let It Go,” and it’s the pure embodiment of not giving a damn.

“No pants, no problem — the show must go on,” Bell wrote in the caption of her Instagram post.

Hilariously, the video is pretty much exclusively of Delta’s feet, as Bell hid around the corner recording while her daughter belted out the words to the song. While we’re sure that Delta’s rendition would have been equally adorable if she had known her mom was filming, a big part of the video’s appeal is that she is truly singing like nobody is watching.

Any parent with a young child likely relates intensely to this video, as it seems like every kid under the age of 10 is addicted to singing ‘Let It Go’ as loudly and proudly as they can. And it turns out, there’s a scientific explanation for your kid’s obsession with Elsa’s empowerment anthem. According to film composer Matthew Margeson, the goal of a film’s score or original song is “to help tell the story through music.” When “Let It Go” hits during Frozen, it’s at a point where the character singing it is totally fed up with hiding who she truly is for the sake of everyone else, and the song says that perfectly, so it easily resonates with young viewers.