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What You Should Know About Walmart’s New Store for Rich People

The retail giant is launching a new online shop with “premium” brands that are sold at Lord & Taylor.


Expect to see a lot more clothing offered at The retail giant is launching a new online shop that will feature more than 100 “premium” brands through their new partnership Lord & Taylor, which was announced last year. The new offering an obvious move by Walmart to appeal to more shoppers.

The new shop will be accessed through Walmart’s website, but separate from all their other merchandise.The kinds of clothes you’re used to seeing at Walmart will be sold under the “everyday brands category’” while the Lord & Taylor collection will be filed under “premium brands.”  While orders will be made through, they will be shipped by Lord & Taylor.

Both retailers stand to gain something from the partnership. Walmart can appeal to customers with greater disposable income, while Lord & Taylor can put their products in front of more people as foot traffic in shopping malls declines.’s premium page doesn’t seem to have launched yet, but per a report from Business Insider, shoppers can expect to get there hands on some high end Lord & Taylor merch in the next couple of weeks. 

It’s hard to say if this move will affect the general “every man” ethos of Walmart. This is a huge rebrand for the company. As the New York Times point out, the word Walmart isn’t even on the site very much. Even as Walmart remains an industry giant, it likely won’t remain the same company you grew up with.