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This Young Girl Smacking Down Klay Thompson at a Chinese Pop-a-Shot is Magic

Klay Thompson returned to China, where a young girl was waiting to destroy him.


There’s a special kind of magic that happens whenever Klay Thompson, the shooting guard for The Golden State Warriors, touches ground in China. That magic is so palpable it even earned him the Twitter hashtag #ChinaKlay. Last year #ChinaKlay danced, he arm-wrestled, he rode a bike and failed a dunk attempt in front of a crowd of fans, it was beautiful. This year #ChinaKlay returned, and the three-time NBA champion ended up getting destroyed by a young girl at an arcade shooting competition.

It’s hilarious watching an NBA player struggle to keep pace with a young girl nailing shot after shot but this defeat is especially funny given the fact that Thompson, who just helped the Warriors the NBA championship in a sweep against the Cleveland Cavaliers, is known as being one of the best shooters in the NBA. In 2016, his perfect form and machine-like efficiency as a shooter made him the first player in NBA history to score 60 points in under 30 minutes.

But not even his picture-perfect form could help when he got trounced in a face-off against a young girl in China at an arcade pop-a-shot.

Video of the contest was posted on Twitter earlier this week and shows Thompson struggling as the child beside him sinks shot after shot. Seriously, this girl has that killer instinct that makes you think she might be able to give Thompson, Steph Curry, and Ray Allen a run for their money on any given night.

Obviously, the contest was in good fun, but still, watching a three-time world champ who also happens to be one of the greatest shooters in the history of the NBA face a smackdown like this is hilarious. Hopefully, Thompson can get back to the United States without suffering any more humiliation.