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KISS’s Greatest Song Is Even Better With Dad Lyrics

Is this James Corden's masterpiece?

James Corden may have finally created his masterpiece through a very brief collaboration with the rock band KISS. On The Late Late Show, this Monday: Corden and KISS joined forces to perform the only KISS song everyone knows the chorus to even if they’re not sure what happens in the rest of the song. We’re talking about “I Want to Rock and Roll All Night,” a song with lyrics so generic, the only reason it seems edgy is that KISS were so over-the-top about being “edgy.” In the ’80s, Gene Simmons’s tongue was more hardcore than saying you wanted to “rock and roll all night and party every day.”

But now, dressed as a fifth member of KISS, James Corden has added some chilled-out, cautious and careful dad-lyrics that are so relatable it’s (almost) not funny.

“I wanna rock and roll one night, then get to bed around eight,” Corden sings, while acting as a counterbalance to KISS. “Let’s not get too crazy,” he says. It’s an anthem in the vein of The Lonely Island’s jam “Diaper Money,” only the difference here is that Corden is remaking a classic rock song while allowing the original rock song to still exist. This kind of contradiction about being awesome is exactly what is going on in every dad’s head all the time.

This kind of thing is brilliant for a lot of reasons, but one of the best ones is the simple fact that every single member of KISS is well over the age of fifty. Contemporary dads of small children don’t even relate to KISS anymore, we relate…well…to James Corden. (Even though we can still like KISS!)

For what it’s worth, KISS is embarking on a farewell tour, which Simmons has expressed sensitive, open sadness about. “Privately, we have the best time in the world. It’s the best party you could ever want to go to. This party’s existed for 45 years.”

You can catch KISS on their End of the Road world tour starting in early 2019 where they will (probably) not add Corden’s dad lyrics to “I Want to Rock and Roll All Night.”