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These Kindergarteners In Alaska Learned To Butcher A Moose With Their Hands

flickr / Sean Neilson

To your kid, being a locavore means snacking on graham crackers from the Shop Rite down the street. But, for kids in Alaska it means butchering an entire moose with their hands at school (and maybe seeing Russia from their house). In an effort to promote local foods, Gustavus, a K-12 school, had their students do just that. Yes, even the kindergarteners. Oh deer!

Every grade participated in the Bullwinkle butchering for the second year in a row, which included knife safety instruction (and supervision). The school’s principal Ann Hilburn reported to Capital City Weekly that no one cut themselves. There was also a local artist to teach students “nature journaling,” along with a science teacher to lead them in moose heart, brain, and eyeball dissection. All they were missing was a boxer to teach them how to hit raw meat.

Though this venison-fest originally took place in the fall, it started to get traction when the site Wide Open Spaces posted an article featuring parent Sean Neilson’s Facebook photos of it … which then wound up on Reddit. As expected, opinions are mixed among parents and animal rights groups. Given all the weird, gross sensory stuff your kid is into, this was probably a pretty damn good day to be a kindergartener — and a terrible day to be a moose.

[H/T] Wide Open Spaces