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Kim Kardashian’s Tone Deaf Birthday on Private Island Gets Meme Treatment

The social tweeted glamorous photos from her birthday party. On a private island. During a pandemic. While claiming to be humble.

Kim Kardashian West spent her 40th birthday in typical near-billionaire socialite fashion: on a private island, surrounded by friends and family, getting there on a private jet, having fun in the sun, etc., etc. It’s the kind of celebration that’s normally unsightly to some because it’s a reminder of how the privileged few can accumulate more money than they could ever spend while children are literally sleeping on the streets. In 2020, Kardashian’s getaway, which she talked about on social media, feels even more tone-deaf, when 200,000 Americans have died and dozens of millions have permanently lost their jobs. But perhaps worse than the party itself, which is surely not an anomaly even right now among the wealthiest Americans, is the audacity she had to post about it on social media. To her credit, she posted the photos alongside a number of caveats that she recognizes her privilege. But still, the difference between the haves and the have-nots during COVID couldn’t be starker.

“I realize that for most people, this is something that is so far out of reach right now, so in moments like these, I am humbly reminded of how privileged my life is,” she wrote on Twitter. Perhaps it would have been better if she had kept the celebration private — and not reminded those who are related to the 200,000 dead people in this country from COVID-19 of how different the rich really have it.

Folks quickly repurposed Kardashian’s solipsism into a meme, posting the text of this tweet alongside photos from various situations, fictional and real, that knowingly encapsulate the dark humor that Kardashian’s original post unknowingly transmitted. Here are some of the best examples.

Midsommar, a movie about “a violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult” in a remote setting, was a natural fit.

Castaway, a movie about a man shipwrecked on an island for years, starring COVID-19 survivor Tom Hanks, a celebrity who’s handled the pandemic as well as any.

Remember when Chris Christie and his family enjoyed the New Jersey governor’s private beach access when the rest of the beaches were shut down to the general public? It was a legendarily awful political move, but we think Kim’s getaway is even worse.

The Fyre Festival, a carnival of horrors that also took place on an island paradise, also suited this meme nicely. Luckily for her, Kardashian has a staff of chefs — one masked chef can be seen in the background of a photo she posted — to prepare her meals.

The latest season of The Great British Baking Show, which was filmed under quarantine, also made an appearance.

Lost was referenced because a) it’s relevant and b) it’s the internet, where Lost never really went off the air.

But the reference that most captured the sense of class anger engendered by Kim’s bragging about being a reckless person on Twitter has to be Parasite, a movie about a dizzying class chasm that was an Oscar-winner last year.

Does Kim care? No! She’s traded false nods to humility for punny bikini pictures. “Girls just wanna have sun” might as well read “I really don’t care, do u?