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Kids Say “Trump Is an Alien” In Hilarious Interview Video

It was pretty great.

Kerry Washington hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and asked kids about the electoral processto hilarious results. After showing a viral clip of a baby giving the stink eye to his sibling, Washington took the opportunity, on the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment and the day after the DNC, to ask kids about voting and Trump. In a segment called “Kinder-Cision 2020 with Kerry Washington,” the former Scandal star asked kids about who and what the president does, how and where you vote, plus their opinions on Trump. The kids were sometimes unsure of their answers, until the segment about their views on Trump, where they were definitely decisive. One said, “all I know is he’s going nuts,” another (much to Washington’s surprise) said, “I heard that the President cancelled TikTok.” One question in particular stood out. When Washington asked one girl what she thought of Trump, she said, simply, that he’s an “alien.” 

The interviews follow the familiar form of “kids react” videos that have long been popular on YouTube, but with Washington’s stellar and playful interviewing style, it was especially fun to watch. As predicted, the young kids don’t necessarily understand the specifics of the electoral process, as many kids thought that voters have to pay to send in a ballot, with one kid implying that it costs a whopping $2,000 to vote, or that people actually have to vote inside the White House. Even if the kids’ information is a little off, it’s definitely entertaining, but also interesting to see how young children process what is happening in the world, and what sticks with them. The girl’s response that Trump is an “alien,” definitely sticks out for its frankness! 

Check out the clip below.