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Children of Missouri Congressional Candidate Urge People Not to Vote For Their ‘Racist and Homophobic’ Dad

“I can’t imagine him being in any level of government."

Courtesy of Steve West for State Rep 15

Politics is a divisive and messy business but even the most reviled candidates can usually count on support from their family, except in the case of Steve West. The Missouri Republican is currently running for the state’s 15th House District but in a surprising turn of events, two of his three kids have voiced their opposition to their dad’s candidacy and are even urging people not to vote for West in Tuesday’s election.

“I can’t imagine him being in any level of government,” West’s daughter Emily told The Kansas City Star. “He’s made multiple comments that are racist and homophobic and how he doesn’t like the Jews.”

West’s son Andy also contacted the paper and voiced similar concerns about his “fanatic” father.

“He must be stopped,” Andy said. “His ideology is pure hatred.”

West denied these claims in a phone call with NBC News, saying that his fractured relationship with his kids stems from a bitter divorce with his ex-wife, who he claims subsequently turned the kids against him.

“I’m not anti-Semitic,” West said. “I have no racism at all, and I’m not a homophobic.”

However, past comments from West seem to contradict his statement. He has previously claimed that homosexuality and pedophilia are “absolutely linked” and believes that women’s athletics a “haven and breeding ground for lesbianism.” When asked about these comments by NBC News, West stood by them.

NBC News also confronted West about claiming that St. Jude Research Hospital in New York is “torturing” kids by getting them “sick through vaccines” with anti-cancer drugs “all for a little PR for the Jewish Cabal.” According to The Kansas City Star, West also said that Republican Jews are “grooming America, just as a pedophile grooms his victim.” As a defense, West said that “Israel is a racist state” before stating that he believes “all men are created equal.”