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This Kid’s Hand-Crocheted Predator Costume Is Totally Badass

This is a masterclass in Halloweening.

Twitter: Crochetverse

The return of fall means at least two things become inevitable: a resurgence of crocheted clothing and, perhaps the crown jewel of kid’s holidays, Halloween. In the era of mass-produced costumes, these two seasonal juggernauts don’t get to mix often, but one kid is changing that with a truly amazing getup and the internet is going nuts for a video of one little boy clad in a fully crocheted, unbelievably badass Predator costume.

The outfit was crafted by an extremely talented craftswoman named Stephanie Pokorny, and her website is actually full of crochet designs for everything from crop tops to finger puppets. Still, this Predator design looks to be one of her more complex creations. Suffice it to say, when Halloween comes around, having a mom this crafty is a huge plus for any little kid.

According to Pokorny’s first Twitter post of her son in the costume, he saw the recent Predator movie with his dad and decided that he just had to be one for Halloween. The detail on the suit is just amazing. Pokorny nailed everything down to the dreadlocks, sharp teeth, and menacing green eyes. What’s even cooler is the way that her son can just pop the mask off right out of it when he’s done scaring everyone.

This isn’t her first shot at a costume like this. Pokorny has crocheted other horror-themed costumes before. Last Halloween, her son went trick-or-treating dressed as Pennywise the Clown from It, which is pretty funny because it means that her son isn’t totally perturbed by a demon clown that eats small children. And when you think about it, good on her. Emphasizing that things kids see in movies aren’t real, but can be super fun anyway is a good lesson to teach with a creative costume like this.