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Kids Who Garden Are More Likely To Eat Healthy And Use This Ridiculous Slang

Flickr / PROwoodleywonderworks

They say that if you give your kid a fish, they’ll be like “Hey dad, why aren’t these sticks?” But if you teach your kid to fish they’ll ask you questions about fish sticks for a lifetime. When it comes to teaching your kid to garden, a recent study found the results to be much more optimistic. The research, published in the Journal Of The Academy Of Nutrition And Dietetics, found that people who gardened as kids ate more fruits and vegetables as they got older than kids who didn’t.

Researchers surveyed 1,351 college students and those that reported gardening as kids ate 2.9 cups of fruits and vegetables per day, compared to 2.4 cups for those who didn’t get their tiny hands dirty. As Slate Magazine points out, the study also reveals a new millennial slang term for eating healthy, and it’s called “fruved.” As much as that sounds like something your kid did in the back of your minivan when they were carsick, “Get Fruved” is actually a combination of the phrase “get your fruits and vegetables.”

Appropriately, Get Fruved is the name of the project — a 4.9 million-dollar healthy eating effort among 8 U.S. universities — that funded the aforementioned study. While college may be far off, what you feed your kid now can shape their health for the rest of their lives. Hate the word all you want, but hedge your bets (and yards) too by teaching your kid to garden. And if you still want to ruin the slang for your kid before it starts, that’s easy. Just start using it yourself.

[H/T] Slate Magazine