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Kids and Family Dog Crash Parent’s TV Interview In Hilarious Viral Video

The latest "BBC Dad” is journalist and parent, Masha Gessen

Do you remember “BBC Dad” Robert Kelly, whose children adorably crashed his otherwise Very Serious Interview on BBC News in 2017? Well, 2020 feels a world away from that moment, but something similar just indeed happened. This time it’s not only funny, but also deeply relatable as parents are now figuring out how to manage their working from home life and well, life. The difficult convergence of the two brings you iconic moments like this. 

The New Yorker journalist Masha Gessen was being interviewed by MSNBC on July 26 when their children and dog came tumbling down the stairs well into view of the camera. It’s a can’t-look-away sort of scene. The youngest child runs down the stairs and decides to crash the interview, waving their arms for the camera. The funniest bit, however, is seeing the older kid’s dawning realization of what was happening. Within a matter of seconds, the oldest leaps down several steps and grabs the youngest kid’s arms and they quickly scurry away from view so Gessen can finish the interview in peace. Throughout the ordeal, Gessen is pretty much unperturbed, save for a slight knowing smile at the end of the segment. 

The 16-second clip went viral on Twitter, but this time its virality is not due to the fact that viewers are commiserating with the “BBC Dad” of 2017 about the hilarious “embarrassment.” Rather, Gessen’s scene feels like an accurate window into parents’ lives. One Twitter user commented, “I like how kid 2 effortlessly jumps down 4 steps. She looked like a superhero or something” and Gessen replied, “Exactly. @GessenYolka to the rescue.”

Check out the clip below.