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Kid Hilariously Calls Out Stranger For Having Bare Feet Out On Plane in Viral Video

The viral video is super relatable.

A viral video of a little kid absolutely not having it when a stranger enrcoaches on his personal space with her dirty feet has gone viral — and it’s hilarious.

Before COVID-19, one of the only things you had to worry about on a plane was sitting next to someone with a smelly lunch wafting through the air orworsea stranger placing their stinky, bare feet in your space. A relatable and hilarious video of a little kid confronting a dreaded airplane socks-taker-off-er has gone viral, particularly because the adorable kid says exactly what a lot of people are thinking, but might not always say.

Apparently, when 4-year-old Rodney Small from Houston was on his first-ever roundtrip flight in the summer of 2019 with his dad Darryl Small, Rodney noticed the sight (and smell!) of bare feet from the woman sitting behind him. And, understandably, he was not happy about it. 

According to, dad was recording his kiddo to get his reaction during take-off, but instead, Darryl ended up capturing the soon-to-be viral moment of his son reacting to the feet behind him as well as eventually confronting the woman. At one point, he tells the camera, “Some stinky feet behind me!” and once he sees who’s behind him, Rodney exclaims, “It’s a lady!” He soon asks her directly, “Why do you have your feet behind me?” Which, fair point.

It’s pretty funny to see how flabbergasted and surprised Rodney was during the ordeal, and Darryl was laughing hard during the unexpected moment. Fortunately, behind the scenes, once Rodney made the woman aware that the bare feet were bothersome, she apologized, as per KTRK-TV, and father and son were able to rest during the flight in peace. Darryl told that, “We weren’t offended or anything, it was just his reaction.” And we’re glad that Darryl was able to capture the perfect reaction on video so that we can also enjoy and commiserate over this viral moment in perpetuity. And the video serves as a reminder for all: please don’t take your socks off on the plane!