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This 7-Year-Old Masterfully Trolled His Teacher with His Winter Break Homework Assignment

"Can you name two kids that like homework?"


For a kid, there is no greater injustice than being forced to do homework over winter break. Work during a time of leisure and presents? Inconceivable! Well, when one seven-year-old boy named Angus who lives in Bangkok, Thailand was told by his mom Lisa that he needed to do the work he had been putting off, he decided to turn the assignment into an opportunity to share his strong feelings on homework.

“[Angus] came up with the idea himself as he was a bit disgruntled about having to do any homework during the winter break,” Lisa told The Huffington Post over the weekend.

For his assignment, Angus was supposed to use each of the 10 assigned vocabulary words in a separate sentence to show he understands the word and how to use it in his writing. But Angus didn’t just use the words for normal sentences, instead, he used them to express his disdain for homework. Ironically, sentences like “I’m so over homework” and “Can you name two kids that like homework?” show that while Angus might think school is waste of time, he’s actually done a pretty nice job understanding what has been taught to him in class.

Angus’ mom decided to share her son’s hilarious, mischievous, and creative answers on Twitter, where they quickly went viral. Hundreds of people have replied to Lisa’s tweet with praise for Angus’ ability to voice his distaste for having to do homework in a memorable and effective way. Lisa also gave some praise to Agnus’ teacher, saying she is “a great teacher” who has a “great sense of humor.” Hopefully, Angus gets some extra credit for not only finishing his assigned work but also managing to turn it into his 15 minutes of internet fame.