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Kid Smuggles Sugar Packets Out of Restaurant Inside Breadstick

You have to give him credit, it's clever.


Kids aren’t known for being discreet. It’s not that they’re incapable of discretion, but rather, it’s simply a skill that they use selectively — perhaps to feed the dog an entire cheesecake or to make their brussels sprouts ‘magically’ reappear in the garbage. Or, as was the case recently with one 10-year-old boy hooked on sugar, to smuggle sugar packets out of restaurant inside a breadstick. 

Journalist Peter Hartlaub recounted the tale on his Twitter account, explaining that his son has recently developed an obsession with sugar — or more specifically, with swiping packets of the good stuff from restaurants so that he can eat them in a car on the way home. Hartlaub said that he and his wife have even “taken to checking his [their son’s] pockets” when they’re done eating. Which is why the boy had to come up with something a little more clever — like stuffing a hallowed-out breadstick full of balled-up packets when his folks weren’t looking.

Hartlaub called the whole incident “the most Shawshank Redemption story” you’ll ever hear, and most on Twitter seemed to agree. Just about everyone who responded to the post seemed super proud of the kid for being so savvy. 

Apparently, they were at a huge family function when it happened, and as any parent will tell you when there are a bunch trustworthy adults around, it’s easy to take your hands off the wheel for a little bit. Still, kudos to Hartlaub’s son for the most clever lift of all time.