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Kid Made a Replica Nintendo Console Entirely Out of Popsicle Sticks

It looks exactly like the real thing.

Twitter: @nobusuma256

Typically, a popsicle stick is thought to have one very specific function: holding popsicles in a way that makes it possible to eat without getting your hands sticky. But an elementary school student from Japan found a brilliant new way to make use of popsicle sticks when he used them to make a perfect replica of a Nintendo console known as the Famicom.

The idea of a kid doing a DIY project with popsicle sticks might sound like a mess but this kid did an outstanding job, as his popsicle stick creation looks exactly like the real console. While the Famicom may not be as popular in the United States as other Nintendo consoles, most notably the Nintendo 64, it is massively popular in Japan, which is why a young kid decided to dedicate countless hours paying tribute to it in the form of popsicle sticks.

Photos of the popsicle stick masterpiece was uploaded to Twitter over the weekend by user @nobusuma256, the kid’s father, and in just a few days, the post managed to go viral. It has already received more than 34,000 likes on Twitter along with an additional 14,000 retweets. Not bad for a kid who may not even be old enough to fully get what Twitter is.

The caption from the post is in Japanese but according to a translation from Twitter, it is mostly the father praising his kid for what he was able to make. At one point, he even calls the replica console “a considerable masterpiece” and based on the photos, we’d have to agree.