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Watch This Kid Pronounce ‘Nutella’ Hilariously Wrong in Viral Video

It's pronounced 'new-tell-uh.'

Instagram / mightycute_mg

One little boy’s attempt to read the word “Nutella” has gone viral in a video because he got it so wrong that it almost was right, and for parents, the video might actually be heartwarming.

Really, one of the less talked about fun parts of parenting is watching kids have their firsts of so many things. It can feel very much like re-discovering everything all over again through the eyes of our children. The first time they walk, the first time they say their first word, and the first time they read out loud are all examples of that. It’s magical, but equally fun is the road to getting to those firsts. Stumbling and tripping over feet — or words — is all part of it.

A video clip posted to Twitter by Shakirah Bourne, an author and filmmaker, according to her bio, has gone viral for this reason. A young boy attempts to read the words on a jar of Nutella, and it went so catastrophically wrong that it’s one of the best things you’ll see all day.

In the short clip, the boy, whose name is Miles, is holding a jar of the hazelnut chocolate spread. He carefully moves his fingers over the word Nutella. Carefully announcing each letter, “N-U-T-E-L-L-A” perfectly. Next, his dad prompts him to put all those letters together, asking, “What’s the word?”

Without skipping a beat, Miles announces, with the most confidence in the world, “Peanut butter.”

The short 10-second clip quickly went viral, amassing over 4 million views. It’s the perfect mix of adorable and hilarious that people just ate it up. Loads of parents shared their own video clips of their kids with the same confident energy. A young boy spells out all the letters of the parakeet and reads it as “penguin.”

Another has a little girl trying to read what her t-shirt says, moving her fingers across the word backward. “Football,” she reads while wearing her New England Patriots shirt.

The videos left us with permanent smiles on our faces. Watching the confidence these kids have while clearly getting something very wrong is the energy we need to bring to our next work meeting. Who says we have to be right to feel good about ourselves?