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Kid Who Rushed Field During Dolphins-Titans Delay Should Get Game’s MVP

He proved to be one of the few highlights in a game that took almost eight hours to finish.

Twitter: Jim Wyatt

Crazy catches, big hits, dramatic comebacks, and even a tie. Yesterday marked the first Sunday of 2018 the NFL season, and it didn’t disappoint. For some fans, however, it did drag on, and on, and on. The game between the Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans was plagued by massive weather (mostly lightning) delays and lasted nearly eight hours. By the time the game finally resumed, most of the fans were gone. For the those who stuck around though, the highlight of the Dolphins 27-20 victory might have actually been a kid who rushed the field to show off his skills juking, not linebackers, but security guards.

The incident occurred during the long weather delay, as a young boy, who is reportedly 10 years old, ran onto the nearly empty field in what seemed to be an attempt to escape the boredom and disappointment that comes from attending a football game that lasts eight hours. Fortunately for the internet, someone made a video of the kid running around the field, garnering cheers from the crowd as he eludes several security guards for a while before finishing off his run with a bit of showboat sliding into the sideline.

It’s not entirely clear what happened to this kid after he was caught, as drunken adults who storm the field are usually escorted out of the stadium and may even find themselves facing a night in prison. Hopefully, he was allowed to watch the game and maybe even given a jersey for keeping fans entertained while they waited.