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Kid With Lemonade Stand Raises $13,000 for Migrant Families

Over 20 families helped sell lemonade in the small Atlanta town.

Facebook Virtual Lemonade Stand for RAICES

Even though kids who set up lemonade stands have had a rough go of it this year, one Atlanta 6-year-old has managed to raise $13,000 for migrant families that have been split up at the border due to Donald Trump’s now-defunct “zero tolerance” border policy. The boy and his mother, Shannon Cofrin Gaggero, had originally set a goal of $1,000, but after giving people who don’t live near him a chance to donate online they quickly raised more than that.

On Sunday when the Gaggero stand opened, about 20 families from their neighborhood helped to raise $1,100 in Atlanta’s Virginia-Highland neighborhood. That money and all the online proceeds will benefit a Texas non-profit called RAICES, whose goal is to offer immigrants free to low-cost legal services.

Gaggero has made an effort to talk with both of her son’s about what’s happening at the border and believes that it’s important for her and her family to stay involved.

“We’ve been working as a family to educate ourselves and get involved in racial justice work for 3 years and we still have so much to learn,” she wrote in an email to CBS News.

As of right now, there are still over 2,000 kids who have been separated from their parents at the border still being detained by the US government. Though a federal judge has ordered that all the kids be reunited with their parents within 30 days, the path to full reunification is still littered with roadblocks, and many families will still need good legal counsel as they fight to get their kids back.