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Kid Goes For a Ride On a Giant Kite In a Viral Video

It's like something that would happen in a Pixar movie, only real.

To set the scene: you and your family decide to go to a kite festival over the weekend. You expect to see a few colorful kites fly into the air, have some family bonding time, and maybe eat some snacks and drive home happy. Well, one kite festival that happened over the weekend in Taiwan may have started out like that. But things took a turn. A 3-year-old girl, who is now safe and sound, briefly flew during the Hsinchu International Kite Festival over the weekendin the most unexpected and terrifying way possible. Here’s what happened: a viral video shows a chilling scene, with the little girl, who was identified by her last name Lin, as per The New York Times, somehow being caught by the neck and thrown into the windy sky by an unfurling streamer. 

The 30-second video shows a crowd watching on in horror as the girl flies in circles high above them among other innocuous-looking kites in the cloudy blue sky. There were screams and cries, and people were finally able to lurch onto the streamer and pull the girl back down to earth. Thankfully, she’s OK now, with just a few scratches, but it looked very distressing for the girl and everyone who was there to witness. Lin Chih-Chien, the mayor of Hsinchu, issued an apology for the incident, writing, “The city government expresses its deepest apologies to the public and to the individuals involved, and we will review the reasons to avoid this type of accident from ever happening again, conducting a thorough review and holding people to account.” Freak accidents can happen, and we’re just glad the girl is OK.