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This Kid Gave a Brutally Honest Answer on His Homework Assignment

He did it though!

Reddit Lucent Phoenix

No matter how hard you try, you can’t get kids not to say exactly what they’re thinking. More often than not, they’re just going to let it fly, even if that means giving an unflinchingly passive-aggressive answer to a question on one of their homework assignments. Earlier this week, Reddit user Lucent Phoenix posted a picture of his son’s answer to the prompt: “Describe a time when you’ve felt really angry” and his response was priceless.

According to his answer, he got angry “when he found this homework in his backpack.” It’s hard to say that the homework assignment made him too angry though. When the next question asked “What did you do [about the anger]?” the boy simply wrote, “did it.”

Honesty in my son’s homework from funny

So in a pretty hilarious way, his answer was kind of two-fold. He didn’t pull any punches when he said that the homework made him angry, but he did think the situation through enough to realize that the best move was to do it anyway. That feels like a bigger deal for a kid because kids classically struggle with doing anything that they don’t actually feel like doing. Come to think of it, adults hate doing things they don’t feel like doing, too. Still, the joke wasn’t lost on other Redditors who chimed in with a few quality responses to the cheeky answer.

“Your son speaks for the inner child in all of us,” wrote one user, while another chimed in to call what his son wrote a “High-IQ kindergarten insult.” Though the whole thing is pretty funny, someone should tell the poor boy that he’s got close to two more decades of homework ahead of him.