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Nine-Year-Old Conducts Secret Investigation to Discover if the Tooth Fairy Is Real

And let's just say his parents got played.

The internet is losing its mind after a father shared the story of his nine-year-old son’s brilliant plan to figure out if the Tooth Fairy is real. Fahd Ahmad, better known as @RogueDadMD on Twitter, explained his son’s sleuthing skills in a recent tweet, writing that his kid figured out a simple but effective way to figure out if the Tooth Fairy was legit: Next time he lost a tooth, he simply wouldn’t tell his mom and dad.

So when Ahmad’s son lost his next baby tooth, he hid the news from his parents. Instead, he put the tooth under his pillow and waited for three days. After no sign of the Tooth Fairy, or any money, he then told his parents the tooth had just come out. Sure enough, the next morning there was money under his pillow. Busted! The boy confronted mom and dad with his indisputable evidence, and Ahmad and his wife came clean: they admitted the Tooth Fairy is made up.

“He’s an inquisitive kid, thinking his own thoughts,” Ahmad told Mashable. “He’s got sort of a scientific mindset naturally.”

Ahmad shared the hilarious story of his son’s secret experiment on Twitter, where it quickly went viral. It has been retweeted more than 133,000 times and received approximately 658,000 likes in the three days. Ahmad says that he is proud of his son for asking questions and seeking the truth but admits his son may not have anticipated the one major downside to knowing that the Tooth Fairy is fictional.

“I think he lost his future cash flow, which is something he probably didn’t anticipate,” Ahmad explained.